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Pikwise is one of the largest wholesale clothing stores in Turkey, established in 2017 in the istanbul / merter region, which has been heard about wholesale clothing in the world. Since the day we were established, we have been producing wholesale women's clothing products and supplying them to our customers abroad.

Collaborating with many reliable high-end clothing suppliers, Pikywise has products that provide bulk clothing at the lowest and quality prices in the clothing industry. With hundreds of new items added every day, we offer your customers the latest trending clothes every season. Thanks to our world-class customer service and comprehensive product range, we ensure that you focus on sales and not worry about products.

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Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity requirement to place an order?

We don't have a minimum sales quantity, but we do have a minimum order price Our minimum payment amount is $2000

What currency are your prices in?

All prices are in USD. At the time of your payment, you can also pay in Euros at the quoted Euro-USD exchange rate.  You can find the current dollar and euro exchange rates here.

How do I find suppliers in Turkey?

You can contact us to find a supplier in Turkey, you can have the product you want produced, and we provide this opportunity to our valued customers.

Is shopping cheap in Turkey?

yes, we provide the best products and prices in europe for wholesale clothing in turkey.

How do you calculate shipping costs for my order?

At Merter AVM, we regularly work with more than 200+ global and local shipping companies. Depending on your country, we will get the best shipping quotation from our partners and let you know the shipping price for your order and following your approval, we will forward your order to the shipping company. Some of our global partners are

  • Fedex
  • DHL
  • TNT
  • UPS

Do you deliver to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide using global and local shipping companies.

Where can I buy wholesale Turkey clothes?

Our customers who want to buy wholesale clothing products from Turkey can order online from our website.

Where can I buy wholesale clothing for cheap?

Turkey is the best option for this. We offer you the best quality and best prices.

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