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Pikywise Wholesale Women’s Clothing, which has been the address of wholesale women’s clothing since 2017; Women’s blouse, knitwear and pajama sets has managed to become a unique company in the sector. Pikywise Wholesale Women’s Clothing, which is among the first companies to come to mind in Turkey when it comes to wholesale women’s clothing, attracts great attention especially in the South East, Central Anatolia and East Anatolia regions. It aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest peak by continuing on its website and selling quality at affordable prices. If you are looking for quality and affordable prices in Wholesale Clothing, you are at the right address!


Online shopping is an indispensable opportunity for those who want to save time and reach the most suitable and best quality product with many product types. With one click, we will send it to you. In order to prevent wholesale shopping from turning into a hassle and for you to shop faster, you can complete your shopping without any problems when you add the products you choose from our site to your cart and place your order. Thus, you will not lose time and you will save the money you will spend on travel expenses. Reaching different products during the season will increase your product range. Online wholesale shopping is an excellent opportunity to increase your business. Then do your wholesale shopping online and make your business life easier.


  • Our site provides you with a secure shopping opportunity with an SSL security certificate.
  • If you send the products you want to change or return to us with the same cargo company within 7 working days, your money will be returned and the change will be made.
    *We provide service to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our live support team.
    *For all your questions and comments, you can contact us via Whatsapp or our phone.
  • You can make your payments with credit card, money order, cash at the door and credit card payment options.


We know that women give the most importance to fashion. Because women attach more importance to their clothes than men and they love change, fashion has become indispensable for them. Since it is very costly to keep up with the fashion of each year, people have started to tend to wholesale clothing. Wholesale clothing, which offers the opportunity to follow, has been preferred a lot lately. Wholesale clothing is offered for sale at www.pikywise.com with many product types and reasonable prices.

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